A Survival Guide for the Young Female Professional

Born of Chaos

Born of Chaos

A Survival Guide for the Young Female Professional


Welcome to the Chaos.

Isn’t that what life feels like most of the time? We’re all just trying to figure it out; whether you’re a new college grad, or a professional trying to grow in your career, or an entrepreneur that has just started the journey of building your empire.

My name is Sadia and I want to create deeply authentic and inspiring content for today’s young female professional. Life is messy, overwhelming, and so often total chaos – but that’s usually where our best work comes from.

I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times, sometimes even on perfectly curated, filtered, and photoshopped content platforms (the irony). I’m genuinely tired of feeling like I’m chasing an ideal that just isn’t an honest reflection of what my life looks like up close. I’d always walk away feeling like I wasn’t enough; not skinny enough, not fit enough, not smart enough or not wealthy enough.

So here’s what this blog is about: BornOfChaos is an opportunity for us to do the scary work of stepping out of our comfort zone, try new things, learn strategies that help us balance our goals and responsibilities, and do the meaningful work of knowing and working on ourselves. I want you to walk away from our content feeling that you are enough and that you have so much to be excited and grateful for.

BornOfChaos is your personal survival guide to work and life. I’ll be posting content on how to prepare and ace job interviews, navigate (and own) male-dominated workplaces, manage your time between competing responsibilities, throw together easy and clean meals on weeknights, stay motivated when you’re feeling meh, and live authentically.

I promise to be 100% honest and vulnerable with you, and I hope you will bring your complete selves to this project as well.

Here we go.